What to write

When you decide, make the choice and go for it, to write – you have to write. The first order of business; about what? What is the subject. Does it appeal to the audience, do you want to write about it? Do you feel like you have something to say? Do you know what the point is, what is the first sentence and do you want to go end with a piece of advice, an inspirational quote or… not. Whatever you want.

There are thousands, millions of guides who help you write. Even the most uninspired person can write a sentence – because when you look at it, I mean really really look at it – these are just words that form a line. All the other stuff is irrelevant like ‘is anybody even going to read this?’, ‘will they find it interesting?’, ‘is what I want to say even relevant or informative?’.

In my opinion, as long as you do something, whatever that is – you’re good.